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How to join

How to Join Bonzi Team™

You've Received An Email with An Invite Code

When your club or association finalizes your team, they will send the coaches and parents an
email with an invitation to join their team. The email includes a link and an "invite code" that you
will use to join, which tells Bonzi Team™ which team you belong to and what role you have on
the team - coach, player, or parent.

Use Your Bonzi Account to Accept Your Parent or Coach Invitation

Because you've registered with your sports club or association, you already have a Bonzi Account.
You can use that account to sign in when you accept your parent or coach invitation on
Bonzi Team™.

Parents Can Access Their Player's Invite Codes to Bonzi Team

Once you've accepted your parent invite code, you'll have access to the team roster. Find your
child on the roster and click on their name. Highlighted in the green box to the right is your
child's invitation code. If you would like your child to get their own login to their profile on
Bonzi Team, just follow these steps:

  • Copy or write down your child's invite code from their roster profile
  • Sign out of Bonzi Team by clicking the Sign Out link at the top right corner of the screen.
  • When you are returned to the Bonzi Team homepage, click on the "Got an Invite?" link at
    the top right side of the screen. Paste or type in your child's invite code.
  • Click the Create A New Account button and follow the steps on the screen. An email
    address is NOT required to create an account for a player.

Remember that parents have control over communication options for players PLUS players can only communicate with other people on their team. No one outside of the team can gain access to or communicate with youth players unless they are on the team roster AND only your club administrator can place someone on your team roster with the exception of the coach who can add extra parents.

How do I get text messages?
Posted Jul 29, 2013

How do I get text message (sms) notifications?

Tip: It's helpful to know that "SMS Text" is another way to say "text message".

Adding A Mobile Phone Number to your Account

People can add their telephone numbers by following these instructions.

  1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your window. Choose My Settings in the pull down menu.
  2. Click Profile. Scroll down until you find the area for Contact Information. In the spaces provided choose phone type (i.e. home, mobile, etc), insert the phone number, and choose phone carrier in order to receive text message alerts. 
    Note: It is very important to include the phone carrier if you want to receive text messages. 

  3. When done click Save in the upper right corner of the expanded information panel.

That's it! When this is done you should ALWAYS receive text messages when a "Text & Email Alert" has been sent.

Turning On Text Message Notifications For Bonzi Team Updates And Changes

    1. To receive text message notifications for other Bonzi Team updates click Notifications in your User Settings
    2. Check the box next to each Bonzi Team feature you would like to get a text message alert for when things are added or changed. Then choose Save.


      There are also options for Bonzi Team Message alerts and Email alerts for each feature.
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